Garage Flooring Color and Styles


Garage Floor Colors and styles are changing all the time. Our colors and styles will go with any design you have in mind. We offer a solid base coat or a full broadcast of colored flakes in sizes of 1” and 1/4”. These are the most common in the garage flooring industry, custom colors and sizes are available, but will cost a little more. Some things to consider when choosing your color or style:

Questions to ask when considering a Flooring System.

  • Will the color hide dirt well?
  • How is the current lighting?
  • Do you want the floor to reflect your nice sports or exotic cars?
  • Do you live in an area with snow or ice?
  • What do you use your garage, shop, and building for?
  • Do you weld in your garage, shop or building?

Simple Garage Floor Tips

  • Smaller chip flakes hide dirt and debris better
  • Darker color chip flakes can show dusty foot prints across the floor
  • Darker colors show water on the floor better, lighter floors are harder to see wet spots
  • Clear sand can be added to make it slip resistant
  • Vertical and stem walls can be coated
  • Steps look really cool coated
  • Metal drains can be coated

For the best consultation contact us to answer the questions and concerns you may have with your Floor System.

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